Driving change in Australia’s dementia care sector with reforms, funding and innovation

According to statistics from Alzheimer’s Australia, we can expect the number of Australians with dementia to reach over 500,000 by 2025. It is also estimated that the total cost of dementia will increase to $18.7 billion within the same timeframe. 1 As these numbers continue to grow, there will be unprecedented demand for specialised dementia care services, resources and funding. 

Faced with an increasing number of dementia patients, enormous budgetary pressure and limited resources, Australia’s dementia care sector is in critical need of change and reform to be best-positioned to tackle these emerging challenges.
Dementia Reform, Funding & Innovation is a premier two-day conference bringing leaders from Government as well as NFPs and the Private Sector involved in the provision of dementia care services together in a single platform. This forum has been specially designed for industry players to discuss latest reforms and explore solutions to ensure that Australia is well-prepared for emerging dementia care challenges.  
 From the organisers of:
Key benefits of attending:
  • Examine latest dementia care reform plans and policies, and understand what this means for you and your organisation 
  • Discover and leverage best-practice dementia care strategies from leading aged care providers
  • Find out how to overcome challenges and identify opportunities involved in dementia care reform 

An unparalleled opportunity awaits all participants who are seeking to discuss opportunities and challenges around dementia reform, funding and innovation in Australia. 
For more information on sponsorship and speaking opportunities please contact info@aventedge.com 
1 https://www.fightdementia.org.au/statistics 


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  • Gain insights from Governments and industry leaders on new and emerging policies for dementia care, and how your company should prepare for impending changes 
  • Drive awareness on the impact of dementia on Australia’s ageing population – Are we ready for this? 
  • Understand how you can best position your organisation to overcome challenges in maintaining the sustainability of the dementia care system
  • Hear from the patient’s and carer’s perspective in their dementia care journey, and find out how you can design strategies for them, with them 
  • Discover what industry leaders are doing to address the challenge of capacity, demand and funding of dementia services


  • Government Department and Agencies
  • Public Aged Care Providers
  • Private Aged Care Providers
  • Public Healthcare Providers
  • Private Healthcare Providers

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